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CrystalCosfx cosplaying as Metal Gear‘s Solid Snake. SNAAAAAKE!! [CBM]


Under the heading “Little Girls Are Better At Designing Superheroes Than You,” artist Alexandria (Alex) Law created a Tumblr devoted to little girls dressed as superheroes…and then drawing what they would look like if they were actually little superheroes! Faith in humanity has been restored.  [bettersupes.tumblr]


Australia-based tattoo artist Benjamin Laukis is responsible for this awesome God of War tattoo [Obvious Winner]


Ride in safety with this Batman car seat. If you dress your kid as Robin, this sight would look all kinds of wrong. [Geekologie]


This is a shot of Stan Lee posing with a bunch of lady cosplayers at the Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con. Did he pee himself with delight, or is that just Thor’s hammer casting an unfortunate shadow. Either way, I’m inclined to say “Oh Stan”. [Geekologie]


How To Train Your DrogonMashup movie poster reimagines Game of Thrones as an animated film. I really wish some animators would hit up Kickstarter and make this a possibility. [Laughingsquid]


Buy Yoda’s Hut, You Will: How We Valued The Iconic Fixer-Upper. [Slashfilm]

Paw Wars. A cat and kitten filled Star Wars parody. Thank you internet, that is all for today.  [NerdApproved]

Movies vs. real life. Who knew the french could be so funny? [GoldenMoustacheVideo]

And now, T-Shirts You Gotta Buy…TODAY! (Before they’re gone.)




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