After Hellboy II: The Golden Army, Ron Perlman swore off the character because of the elaborate and soul crushing time and effort required during the elaborate makeup process. It took an act of charity for Perlman to even consider sitting down in that makeup chair again. His big heart led him to help fulfill a sick child’s wish.

The old saying that “Time heals all wounds” must be true, because Perlman has reconsidered his decision about Hellboy III:

“[Del Toro and I] both walked away from Hellboy 2 agreeing that there would never be another one. But, with the passage of time, it became clear to me that he really always designed it as a trilogy. [Guillermo] has a very well-articulated idea of what the resolve would look like and it’s amazingly theatrical and is epic in scope and would make for amazing cinema, with or without the first two movies … I said [to Guillermo], ‘You owe it to the world to finish this trilogy. I’ve been giving him Jewish guilt.”

Would Guillermo Del Toro be interested once he learns that the other indispensable man needed to continue the Hellboy trilogy was ready to get back in the saddle? Both Del Toro and Hellboy creator Mike Mignola have stated that unless the project can come up with the required $140 million dollar budget that there’s little hope of completing the trilogy.

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