Michael Bay’s Pain & Gain made about $20 million over the weekend, which isn’t exactly Transformers money. But Transformers 4 is next on Bay’s to do list, and it will star his Pain & Gain leading man Mark Wahlberg, but was Marky-Mark the first choice for the fighting robots sequel? Any innocent question posed to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on Twitter seems to indicate the answer is no.


Naturally, Johnson is a good choice to take over your franchise, he’s been drafted three times to play that part already. As to the logistics, maybe Johnson was too busy to play in Transformers 4, or maybe he scratched his 80s toyline based movie itch with G.I. Joe: Retaliation. Of course, it doesn’t say a lot for Wahlberg if Bay just need some muscle-bound leading man type to fill Shia LaBeouf‘s shoes in the next Transformers movie, but it will be interesting to see what Bay comes up with.

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