With the release of Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto V still months away (damn you September 17th, haul ass… I am sick of all this natural light) they just released a 3-in-one trailer to up the anticipation. This time turning the spotlight on the 3 playable leads in the game. First we have Michael, a Sopranos-esque man in the middle of a midlife crisis, next a  San Andreas style street thug named Franklin, and last but far from least is Trevor, the requisite hillbilly lunatic.

Damn this game looks good.

All three characters lives will intertwine in what looks like a big heist finale. The trailer is light on gameplay footage and mainly relies on cutscenes which is a little disappointing but I am willing to let that slide since the game is still months away. PLUS, it has a lot of Trevor, who has quickly become one of my favorite video game characters ever.

‘Do you want me to get my dick out again?’ HA! Classic Trevor.

Oh yeah, the trailer is a little NSFW due to crazy redneck, and its up after the jump.


Source: PlayStation Blog

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