Does it feel as if there’s been an explosion of Star Trek Into Darkness promotional material? It was quiet for so long with only a teaser or maybe an international trailer, and now, BOOM! There’s clips, viral videos, featurettes; you name it there’s one promoting Into Darkness. Today’s latest is another of the “Disruption” viral videos from John Harrison (Benedict Cumberbatch) in where he examines communications officer, Lt. Uhura (Zoe Saldana). And more importantly, the video provides our very first look at the new design of the Klingons,

Did you catch it? If not, hit the jump for a screencap providing a better, clearer look at the unmasked Klingon,


It’s still not a perfect look, but you’re given a very good impression. Click it to embiggen. This guy doesn’t look like Worf or the Klingons of The Original Series, but rather an amalgamation. The design leans more so on the Klingons post-TNG, a smart decision since the TOS-Klingons were nothing more than dark-skinned, humanoids with thick, bushy eyebrows, too close to a racist caricature than an alien for today’s standards. What do you think of the new Klingons?


This new IMAX poster really highlights the difference in size between the Enterprise and Harrison’s ship, Vengeance. Their space fight is going to be insane! And if what the trailers lead us to believe is correct, it looks like that’s when the Enterprise crashes into Earth, meaning the Vengeance deals even more damage than Nero’s massive mining ship. Just, whoa.

And here’s two more TV spots, both with snippets of new footage,

Star Trek Into Darkness releases in IMAX 3D on May 15th and in every other format on May 17th. Do you already have your tickets?

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