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Above: Taking a cue from Bioshock Infinite, this Marioshock Infinite by Creative Outpouring features Princess Peach and Mario in the lead with a nice nod to the Nintendo power ups of old. [Gamefreaks]

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When you mention Australia certain things come to mind; cuddly animals, animals that can kill you and friendly people, but somewhere Mad Max is always brought up. The franchise has kept a solid fan base for decades and Marie Bergeron thought it was time for a proper tribute piece, that you yourself could own! Act fast though, only 33 of these bad boys are being made. [XombieDIRGE]


We all know Stormtroopers can’t hit the broadside of of Sandcrawler on a good day, but that didn’t stop Mike Kungl from making them an awesome recruitment poster. Part of a series for the upcoming “May the Fourth Be With You” event (on May 4th, get it?!?!?) for ACME Archives. They will be on display at the Disneyland resort in Anaheim, California. The Empire Wants YOU… to actually hit something for crying out loud. [Geek Tyrant]


Recently, highly detailed artist Stanley Lau has been releasing several fictional “Justice” magazine covers featuring several of the sexy ladies of Marvel and DC. This one featuring Catwoman has to be the best yet! [Comic Art Community]


What happens when Raymund Lee puts Wolverine and Walking Dead‘s Daryl Dixon in the center of a Zombie hoard? We don’t know, but damn are we excited that he did. [Herochan]


If Portal had its character design done by Rayn3r it would be a completely different game then what we’d know now. His work honestly looks like something you would see out of Pixar or concept art for Disney, it’s really cool. Maybe one of these big companies will give him a call one day. [CGHUB]


Poor Sonic, all those years of running with us playing him on Sega and we had no idea he was breaking the law, but Ian Summers did. The officers in the green hill zone don’t care how many gold rings you need to collect, you’re getting a ticket. [Deviant Art]


He is the law! And artist Aleksi did a damn fine job of making Judge Dredd one tough looking law man of mega city one. [GeekTyrant]


Inspired by the classic pulp covers of the 60’s, this is from the Iron Man 3 wrap party, in the gift baskets that only the insiders and the A-listers get. The artist behind this has yet to be revealed, but you have to respect the amount of work that went into something this cool. [Geek Tyrant]


John Constantine meets Casper the Friendly Ghost in this piece by DC comics Carl Pearce. Oh yea, and Cthulhu too. Please let this crossover happen one day, Casper really has it coming. [XombieDIRGE]

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