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As any nerd will automatically tell you, today is May the 4th, Star Wars day. Get it? May the fourth? Leave it to nerds to hijack a random day on the calendar and turn it into their own holiday based on a play on words (oh by the way, it’s also Free Comic Book Day, so a double pox on normies).

Celebrating the venerated day, fans will often dress up as their favorite characters, make intergalactic themed foods (Blue Milk, coconut covered chocolate Wookie balls…etc), get that rebel alliance tattoo they’ve been thinking about getting, write some unfortunate fan-fiction, and have a Star Wars movie marathon with friends and family and not the prequels. We at Nerd Bastards, however, wanna do something a little different….

Over the years, we’ve come across a number of videos inspired by the Star Wars. Some are good, some are bad, and some are extremely well done. There’s only a few, however, that stand out (in our eyes) as the best and funniest, and it is those that we present to you here, cue the scrolling text!

[Editor’s note: Our scrolling text guy missed his deadline… sorry]

Our friends from OneMinuteGalactica have gone and farted up Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. A fart video with farting. I am not proud of myself for liking this video, but honestly it is perhaps the best fart vid I’ve ever seen. Period. Call me immature, but hearing Yoda rip a few (about a 1:30 in) followed by a “hehe! mmm powerful” had me ROFLMFAO. Only question now is…Will there be a “Return of the Fart?” God, I hope so. Oh, what about the prequels? Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Fart, Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Farts and Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Fart? Disney, there’s a DVD/bluRay re-release you can take to the bank!

What if Arnold Schwarzenegger had voiced Darth Vader instead of James Earl Jones? WTF? What a genius thought, right? Stop being a pussy, NOW! And, watch the video.

I need to only hear a bar or two of that infernal Gotye song to feel blood slowly trickling out of my ears (Other songs exist! Play them!), but the people over at TeddieFilms have made everything alright by parodying the video from “Somebody That I Used to Know” and the pain that exists in we original trilogy Star Wars fans who have ire — real, organic ire — for George Walton Lucas.

Bad news for all those fans out there who think George Lucas is a complex genius. Turns out the whole plot of the original Star Wars film can be summed up neatly and accurately in 90 seconds — by a toddler. This one drinks juice and peruses a calendar while sharing her surprisingly deep insights on the various characters, like C3PO (“the shiny guy always worries”) and Darth Vader (“he’ll getcha!”). I wish we all could remember it like that.

Star Wars: A Light in the Darkness. Unlike other SW fan films, which are primarily just another excuse to see another lightsaber fight, SW:ALITD is actually a unique and compelling story that fits into the cannon of the Star Wars saga. An awesome story is just the beginning. What really sells this film, and puts it far above other fan films is it’s top capita costumes, computer generated special effects, action-stunt work and compositing. If anything, it looks like Star Wars and Firefly made sweet, sweet love and A light in the Darkness was their love child.

Star Wars given the paper treatment! Watch the Original Trilogy retold via paper animation set to the lovely song ‘Tatooine’ by Jeremy Messersmith. A sweet little tune that sums up what how I feel about Star Wars.

A Star Wars themed, four-part a cappella musical tribute set to cinematic themes from composer John Williams.

What would happen if the starship Enterprise encountered the Death Star?

One, the most feared tyrant in the galaxy with a severe breathing problem, the other, some fool who thought it’d be a good plan to invade Russia in the winter. Hitler vs Darth Vader, the ultimate rap battle.

Star Wars Uncut, the ultimate fan vid. Hundreds took 15 second clips from the original and remade them with animation, acting, claymation, etc. I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s like a Star Wars dream/nightmare.


Alright, so these were some of our favorite Star Wars videos. If you have a better selection, rifle off your favorites in the comment section below.

May the 4th be with you! But be careful and don’t have too much fun. Tomorrow is after all, Revenge of the 5th.

*ba dum tssssh*

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