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In news that excites me, because it means soon we’ll be done talking about Iron Man 3 (at least until it comes out on home video),’s Box Office Report puts IM3‘s opening weekend total at $175,300,000.

Thursday previews and midnight screenings alone brought in a tidy $15.6 million – by the time Friday’s sales were totaled, Shane Black’s highly anticipated trilogy capper had made $68.3 mil…less than one might expect, but by Sunday totals shot up to $175.3 million, surpassing opening weekend totals for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt. 2, and coming in second only to The Avengers (released almost exactly one year ago) for highest grossing opening weekend.

IM3 played on 4,253 screens in the US….meaning a per-theater average of over $41,000 – the third highest in cinema history.

Totals were just as impressive internationally, with the other 54 territories adding up to $175.9 mil….the current global take adds up to approximately $680,100,000 – and that’s just for starters!

IMAX reportedly sold out at nearly every one of their locations – surpassing The Avengers IMAX opening with $16.5 mil. in sales, second only to The Dark Knight Rises. Globally, IMAX totaled $40.2 million.

Iron Man 3 accounted for nearly 84% of movie theatre business this weekend.

Think about that: That means that if you were to grab any five movie-goers at random this weekend, FOUR of them would be on their way to see Iron Man 3



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