Goddammit DC, Why’d You Have to Go and Ruin He-Man With Such a Ridiculous New Design?!

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I’ve always had a great affinity for He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Now, I dunno what liking a musclebound strong-man in a loincloth says about me (I don’t really care), but I’m a He-raver through and through.  I’ve enjoyed watching that pink-shirt-wearing-prince, with that fabulous secret, transform into “the most powerful man in the universe” since I was a kid.

Homoerotic undertones be damned, He-Man was a great sword and sandals type fantasy! What kid doesn’t fantasy about being hit with some puberty lighting and morph into one bad-ass barbarian dude?  I loved the shit out of the original 80’s cartoon, and the revived, but failed relaunch in 2002. I even have all the toys from the original line including the new collector series offered by Mattel’s subscription service. I’ll tell you this, to establish and qualify myself as a He-Man aficionado. I’m someone that can confidently and competently discuss the new comic series offered by DC, and the ridiculous new re-design.

Admittedly, the classic look of He-Man made him look like a gay-bondage wet-dream. At-least, that’s what I assume the male BDSM community fantasies about; I’m not speaking from experience, clearly. Still, the loin cloth, fur boots, cross armor and bulging muscles did play to the idealistic view of ones self. Again, who doesn’t dream of looking like bad-ass barbarian? Anyway, this look has stayed with He-Man since his inception. A few tweaks here and there through out each iteration (minus the “New Adventure” series, which we won’t talk about), but he has remained identifiable the same.  Unfortunately, DC Comics has redesigned the character…drastically.

DC Comics has released the cover for issue #4 of Keith Giffen and Pop Mhan’s He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, and it features a very different looking He-Man. See below:


It looks like it combines the styles of almost all that came before it, with the “H” on his chest being reminiscent of battle armor from the toy line. I contest that He-Man does not need armor. He’s just as powerful and invulnerable as Superman. Dude could fight naked and not have a thing to worry about. Speaking of which, I’m sure Skeletor would attack Greyskull far less, if He-Man came towards him floppin’ his second mightiest sword.

Obviously He-Man wasn’t going to be able to hang on to his Homo-erotic look for much longer. I get that, but man, I do not care for this Thor-esque design. Makes him look less of a big, strong tough guy.

Well, that’s my opinion anyway. I’m curious on what y’all think. Share your thoughts in the comment below.

Oh, and if you’re interested in the new comic, here’s what it’s all about:

By the Power of Grayskull, He-Man is back. Earlier this month, fans were excited about the launch of HE-MAN AND THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE, a new ongoing monthly series by writer Keith Giffen and artist Pop Mhan. This is just the newest piece of good news for the Masters of the Universe; in 2012 MOTU had a #1 iPad action game and the Facebook page is up 25% in six months from word-of-mouth!

Hitting stores in July, HE-MAN AND THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE #4 will find He-Man captured by Despara, who is ordered to bring him before Hordak. But that’s not the only reason to be excited about issue #4. The issue’s cover by Ed Benes will also introduce He-Man’s new look for DC Comics!

In the epic war against the forces of Hordak ripping through the pages of the current series, He-Man must don the sacred armor of his ancestors. While fans may be surprised by this turn of events, this dynamic direction for one of the world’s best-known heroes is firmly rooted in the classic legacy of MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE. After all, so long as you stay true to the core concepts, it’s always exciting to explore new possibilities, right?

Check out the image below to get your first glance at He-Man’s new look, and don’t forget to pick up this exciting new series, in stores now!

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  • http://twitter.com/theflushed theflushed

    I feel like He-Man every time I’m in the bathroom. “I HAVE THE PPPOOOWWWEEERRR!!!”

  • Luke’s subconscious

    Luke…you are sooooo gay

  • DoigtDuPeuple

    While the series is good (too a point) for kids, you have to wonder about the mental capacities of his friends.. I mean, the chick and the armored guy are with his counter part the Prince right?.. He has this huge freaking green tiger hangin’ around.. he doesn’t wear glasses or anything else when he’s with them, let’s not even talk about the hairdo… seriously.. nice toupet… Then he takes a sword, raises it says the words and the only thing that changes are his clothes and he gets a tan.. Even his tiger gets a helmet.. like this would actually disguise a huge green tiger.. The only one I can see in the entire series.. so.. those two idiots are like “Where’s the Prince? Oh check He-Man..” not even thinking twice “Man. .. ever notice how He-Man is the same height, weight, hair color, hair cut, and has the exact same face that the prince has…??”…

    I just wanted to write something about that… LOL!!

    • WoWed

      to be fair, the armored guy (man at arms) knows the prince is he-man. there is no excuse for the others, though

      • DoigtDuPeuple

        LOL!! That’s right!! I forgot that!! Thanks WoWed!!
        LMAO!! Ok so Man at Arms is not that dumb.. he just wears a suit which makes it virtually impossible to see where he pees!! LMAO!!…

        “Shit.. I need to pee… How do you get this thing off!?!?” http://www.mwctoys.com/images/review_manatarms_large.jpg


  • Lambo Calrissian

    This is HE-MAN we’re talking about folks…the original design was lame to begin with. (Not that I noticed or cared when I was 9 when it first debuted.) My older brother and i were HUGE Conan fans, which may explain why I dug the figures and cartoon so much. The Greyskull playset was rad, and the Sorceress was smokin hot..but cmon man it’s He-Man any costume would be better than the original and this new one certainly is.