Movie Poster round up

Movie fans love posters, it’s what use to give us our first look at movies until the Internet let us peer into Hollywood movies months in advance. Although, that hasn’t stopped studios from doing awesome poster reveals, because today, not one, but two high-profile movies and a mystery film released their new posters for our wandering eyes. Lucky us!

First off, the Superhero movies…

Marvel Entertainment released their new poster for The Wolverine featuring the menacing Silver Samurai, who was revealed in a snippet from last week’s trailer. Then we have Warner Bros. who showed off their shiny new Man of Steel banner featuring Supes in space.



Both of these posters are pretty cool and show off both companies clever production value, but the Man of Steel posters has been drawing comparisons to Superman Returns. Seeing as the studio is looking to bring new life into the franchise, they probably should have steered away from Warner Bros. most recent black eye in comic book adaptations.

On the other side of things, Edgar Wright debuted the third and fourth posters to The World’s End, the big finale of his “Three Flavors Cornetto” trilogy. With very little to go on, other than knowing it’s based in science-fiction, Edgar has kept everyone in the dark. Until the official teaser trailer come out on Wednesday, these posters, both from the UK, only add to the mystery of what the hell is going on?



Source: /Film

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