There’s a new batch of on set pictures coming out of Marc Webb‘s The Amazing Spider-Man II production and these pictures could spoil a key plot line in the movie franchise. Click through the jump if you want to see, but you received fair warning, no whining about spoilers on the other side.


The Iconic panel above is a key story line in the Spider-Man mythos. The death of Gwen Stacy was an emotional roller coaster for Peter Parker and Spider-Man fans alike. Notice the outfit Gwen is wearing then look at The Amazing Spider-Man II set pictures below.

That outfit raised goosebumps on my arms. It’s not an exact match, but no one can deny the obvious comparison between the outfit Gwen wore the day she died in the comics and the outfit Emma Stone is wearing on set. Now we get to the question:

Does Deborah Lynn Scott’s costume design foreshadow a tragic end for Gwen in The Amazing Spider-Man II?

Or is Marc Webb using this outfit to tease fans and create just the Internet uproar one would expect when those pictures hit the web. Don’t forget that Emma Stone herself said the character should die before the franchise reboots again. Webb could be using this outfit as a “got your nose” to ramp up fan tension during the movie, then kill her in the next movie with the Green Goblin.

What do you think?

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