Xmen days of future past

I saw Iron Man 3 in 3-D and I have to say that I’d much rather have seen it in 2-D. It seems to be the rare movie that’s able to make the jump to that third screen dimension, but Hollywood will be damned rather than stop trying so here we go again, this time with X-Men: Days of Future Past.

X-Men director Bryan Singer had this to Tweet earlier today, “Shooting native 3D and Simul-cam. Looks like friggin mission control.”

He also Tweeted this picture.


Huh, it does look like mission control. Hopefully, it’s all for not and the 3-D looks awesome. I won’t hold my breathe though.

Days of Future Past, based on the classic comic by Chris Claremont and John Bryne, and starring Hugh Jackman, Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, Michael Fassbender, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Shawn Ashmore, and Peter Dinklage is scheduled to be released on July 18, 2014.

More news as it develops.

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