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Above: TARDIS dresses are a dime a dozen these days. You can’t attend a con without seeing one, but this TARDIS console design from Kirsty Delwig is a real stand out. Everything’s perfect, from the TARDIS jacket to light up center column gown. [The Mary Sue]


Remember that scene from Superman III where the Man of Steel goes on a bender? Yeah, how much cool would have been with these shot glasses? [Geekologie]


Umm, Women, Men, Handicapped and Dalek? Should we be concerned about this!? [Nerd Approved]


There’s a striking resemblance between the Roman emperor Caligula and King Joffrey. Coincidence?  I think not. [Nerd Approved]


Corroder666 has brought to life his own Frankenturret from Portal 2 and not only does it look creepy and cool, the thing really moves! [Kotaku]


Norman Reedus, king of the photobombs. [Blastr]


The Walking Dead gets the bad lip reading treatment and it is glorious.

Having played Minecraft for a good seven minutes, I cannot even imagine the amount of time and focus you need for this! It’s like, basically, all of Westeros. I’m impressed. [Geekologie]


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