Iron Man 3 kicked off the summer blockbuster season to a rousing start, and the next big movie coming our way is Star Trek Into Darkness. And now it’s coming a day earlier! Originally the official release date was May 17th, but now expect Into Darkness in theatres on May 16th. Of course, this only matters if you hadn’t already planned on seeing Into Darkness on May 15th when the film is releasing in IMAX 3D. And, the film’s still releasing overseas on May 9th so the single day concession isn’t all that radical of a change, but I’m sure a nice surprise to those stateside without an IMAX theatre nearby.

The earliest of Into Darkness reviews have been mostly positive, with many praising J.J. Abrams for again giving us a Star Trek film that pleases new audiences and the most die hard of fans. In the latest Star Trek Magazine Abrams discusses his approach,

I think certainly [producers] Bob [Orci], Damon [Lindelof] and Alex [Kurtzman] are in tune with what the fans are saying and what they want. While I am as well, I feel like those guys are more wired, or wireless, than I am. I feel like anecdotally I hear what certain people are saying. I came to this [franchise] as more of an outsider. I entered this world really intrigued by it, but not really a pre-existing fan. … While people were [suggesting] things, none of that really mattered much to me, because I felt I was coming from the point of the moviegoer who just wants to be entertained, understand, and care about the world and the characters.  I will say nothing matters more to us than the fans, and making sure they are getting something they love. But having said that, we can’t make a movie for pre-existing Star Trek fans, we have to make a movie for moviegoers, and if you happen to be a Star Trek fan, you’ll benefit because we are looking out for you, and we respect what you are bringing to the film.

2009′s Star Trek nailed that balance, and I’m hopeful Into Darkness does the same. Which brings us to Into Darkness‘ villain, John Harrison (Benedict Cumberbatch), and whether or not he’s a reference to a classicTrek villain as it was originally hinted,

We needed someone who would get under their skin, and challenge them in a way they could have never survived when they first came together. We always knew it was going to be more of an extreme story, pushing limits dramatically and emotionally. There would be more questions of who to trust, and of manipulation and difficulty, rather than just a raving, lunatic Romulan [as in the 2009 Trek]. We were going to have someone who could push the buttons of the crew, and test the mettle of their relationships. So we always knew we would go darker, deeper, and really see what it’s like for these people to experience that, and can they get through that gauntlet alive. … And ultimately, because of the story of Benedict’s character, Kirk ends up being challenged in a way that is very specific to his story. I think it ends up being something that does push Kirk to a place he’s never been before.

Cumberbatch’s performance has also been getting nothing but praise. I’m so excited to see what he’s brought to the villain, beyond all those teasers, and no matter who he’s really playing.

More Star Trek below the cut, like seven minutes of behind-the-scenes B-roll footage and another clip.

This B-roll footage is a nice treat, especially considering the film hasn’t even released yet, but I’d say those extremely wary of spoilers should avoid

And lastly, here’s another clip. It’s short and funny, and it’s good to see they haven’t dropped the humor in favor of more action.

Star Trek Into Darkness opens May 15 in IMAX 3D and in every other format, now, on May 16th.

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