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DC hasn’t made too many impressive entries into the super hero media wars as of yet.  Sure, there’s the Dark Knight trilogy and a successful television adaptation of Arrow, but that’s about it for now.  Man of Steel is coming out in just over a month, so we’ll see how that one does.  Despite the hit-and-miss nature of DC properties on both the big and small screens, the Chief Creative Officer over at DC, Geoff Johns is hopeful about the future.  In a recent interview with Collider, he had a few things to say on more than a few subjects.  Check out the highlights after the jump.

First, Johns addressed the success of Arrow and what it might mean for future DC heroes:

I’m really happy with the success of Arrow and the team [Greg] Berlanti and [Andrew] Kreisberg and [Marc] Guggenheim really put together this great show. You can see with this season. I thought the season started strong, but it got stronger.  I thought the show really found its place, and the cast found its place. One of my favorite episodes is – I don’t think it’s aired yet – but there’s this big sequence with Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak and Diggle. When I saw those characters in that episode, I thought I could see this show going forever. What the success of the show has done is that it’s helped open up doors for DC and television in a very good way, and for the CW in a very good way.

Then spoke a bit about his opinion on the new Man of Steel:

I’m very anxious for everybody to see Man of Steel. I’m very excited about people seeing Man of Steel.

Superman’s very active in this movie. People will be happy. If people want to see Superman in action, they’ll be very happy.

He could not, however, be convinced to discuss Justice League and had only this to say:

Can’t really talk about it, sorry.

A brief blurb on the potential Booster Gold TV series:

Booster Gold TV series: still in development, Andrew Kreisberg is working on it right now.

The future of Green Lantern in some form or another:

There are plans.  There are plans.

And finally, about the chances of Wonder Woman getting her own long-awaited adaptation:

Very, very good.

Well, I certainly would never accuse the man of being verbose.  There’s not much more than hints and teases there, but he did state that DC plans on letting everyone know a lot more once Comic-Con hits.  Sorry DC fans, but you’ll just have to hold onto your hats for another couple of months.


Thanks to collider for the heads-up.

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