Last month, while filming was underway on the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special, some rumors began concerning just who John Hurt is playing. This theory about the true nature of his character was first brought to my attention by Bleeding Cool, and while an interesting notion, I basically wrote it off as wild fan speculation. Which I love, don’t get me wrong. Crazy, bonkers theories are my favorites. Especially if they turn out to be true, which, this one just might.

Worried about SPOILERS? You’ve got every reason to be, so if you’d like to know no more, please stop. I won’t be held responsible for ruining what ever  madcap idea Steven Moffat‘s thought up this time.

Still here? Okay, let’s review. The running theory is this: John Hurt is playing a version of The Doctor, possibly some lost or forgotten Doctor that occurred between Doctors Eight and Nine. Evidence? His attire. In the picture below, snapped on set, you’ll see Hurt wearing a vest that looks very similar to the Eighth Doctor’s and a leather jacket uncannily similar to Nine’s.


Coincidence? Likely, we know us Whovians will spot a detail and just run with it. But this report from the Eastern Daily Press 24 about comments from Hurt about his Who role make me wonder, could it be true?

Mr Hurt, who lives near Cromer, earlier told the EDP he had just finished shooting a Dr Who 3D special in which he plays “part of the Doctor” in a “kind of trinity” which includes David Tennant.

First, it should be a cardinal sin to write “Dr Who” instead of “Doctor Who.” Second, Hurt’s playing a “part of the Doctor”? What does that mean!? A lost regeneration like the theory suggests or something else entirely? His inclusion may be filling a hole left by Christopher Eccelston‘s non-involvement. Whatever his role is, it sure sounds fishy. What are you guys thinking?

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