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Admit it, leaked set photos can be really lame. Often blurry and out of focus, band angles and long before the finishing touches that make movie magic happen. Spoilers in the truest definition of the word. What follows is definitely all that and more, and must be shared.

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, purported to be taken on the Montreal set of X-Men: Days Of Future Past as found on the Russian fansite/shrine/stalker headquarters, Hughjackmania (careful how you type that URL.They show Logan in a casual state of mind… like extra casual. Maybe he just ate a big meal?


The mind floods with possible NSFWish captions.


Wait, someone has interrupted Wolverines private time and he’s angry!


Ladies, seriously, has Hugh Jackman ever looked sexier?


Ok, one last times since for some reason I find this snapshot insanely amusing. Honestly, all leaked set photos should be just this. No more crappy set shots and half realized costumes and a-holes running around in mo-cap suits. Just this. Forever this.

Source: Hughjackmania and CBM.

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