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ABOVE: Jessica Rabbit, the beloved wife of Roger Rabbit, being portrayed by model/designer KAY PIKE. She’s not bad, she just dresses that way. [ObviousWinner]


This bird has Tennant hair. I imagine he tweets Allons-y in bird talk.  [FashionablyGeek]


Nathan Fillion stabs link and steals Princess Zelda. Could this mean be any more awesome?  [Kotaku]


So, to celebrate the return of Arrested Development on Netflix, a real-life Bluth’s Banana Stand was built. It first appeared in Soho, later moved to Leicester Square, and will be making the rounds in London until May 21st. I’m surprised there aren’t more of these. I mean, there’s always money in the banana stand, you know? [Buzz Feed]


Sir Patrick Stewart enjoying some cotton candy, like a sir! [TheMarySue]

Dookieshed and Smooth McGroove have teamed up to bring you this Pokémon Theme Parody Acapella called “Try to Catch a Few!” [Cheezburger]

The second part of that first-person ligthsaber battle. Wait, there was a first part? [Geekologie]

Maker vs Marker is a stop motion fight between animator and animation taking place on a whiteboard. This is a case, where quite literally, someone has too time on his hand. [GAS]

“Doctor Who” stars in cooking commercial, calls himself a Thyme lord. Oh, the puns don’t stop there. This is, after all, an adventure in Time and Spice. [That’s Nerdalicious]

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