LECTER: I have an unconventional psychiatrist

GRAHAM: Well, we have that in common


Good evening, friends: Soup’s on!

(I’m betting I can keep the food metaphors going until at least the season finale. What do you folks think?)

Tonight’s bill of fare is….well, let’s call it an “acquired taste”.


Director James Foley, best known for the Oscar nominated early 90s classic: Glengarry Glen Ross (and Madonna’s “Papa Don’t Preach” video) has prepared a Hannibal Lecter buffet….if that suits your palate, then you’ll have a fine time:

Prepare yourself for an hour of Dr. Lecter talking to his patients,


Dr. Lecter cooking,


Dr. Lecter at the opera,

Hannibal - Season 1

And Dr. Lecter talking to HIS psychiatrist (the astonishingly well preserved Gillian Anderson)


Oh, whenever Dr. Lecter isn’t on screen, it’s because Graham, Crawford, and the Clue Club are busy examining the remains of an ufortunate soul who unwillingly donated a course to Lecter’s upcoming dinner party.

It’s like this: We know Dr. Abel Gideon (Eddie Izzard) from last week was a red herring (not the last time Dr. Chilton’s gonna make a total ass of himself, I’m sure). We know the Chesapeake Ripper is out there, he’s still killing, and he murdered Crawford’s trainee Miriam Lass.

We also know that he’s Dr. Lecter.

So the question is now: How long can Lecter keep Crawford and Graham from putting the pieces together?

This week he kept them off his scent by making them think the Ripper and an accomplice were harvesting organs (possibly for sale on the black market). Well, they caught the “accomplice”, realized he was working alone, and now they’re back to square one.

What machinations the good Doctor has in mind to continue to keep the FBI’s most fearless and determined agent, and the world’s most insightful and intuitive serial killer hunter at bay next time are anyone’s guess.




Mads Mikkelsen does indeed shine in the title role…I have to give him that. After a rocky start, he’s grown into the part, and every episode I find myself comparing him less and less to Anthony Hopkins. If Hannibal makes it to a second season, Mikkelsen will have cemented himself as the quintessential Dr. Hannibal Lecter.

I was slightly disappointed there wasn’t more of Gillian Anderson as Lecter’s shrink: Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier (great name, by the way). She was fantastic, and I hope there’s more of her to come…I’m fascinated by her: She almost seems to imply that she knows what Hannibal is, and either approves, or is too detached and scientific to consider trying to stop him….

You get the feeling that someday soon Crawford and Graham are going to feel galactically stupid: After inviting Lecter to come along when they went to catch the “Organ Harvester”, the Doctor remarks:

“This is very educational!”

I’ll bet!




Okay, I normally only include screenshots from the episode in my reviews, but I found this (courtesy of Leotie Whitelaw), and it sums up the character of Dr. Lecter’s weird, stalkerish patient Franklin (Dan Fogler, star of the Kung-Fu/Ping-Pong epic Balls Of Fury).

Fogler‘s good, but I was kind of getting sick of watching him be pathetic in Lecter’s office….I’m beginning to root for Hannibal to murder this man, and I’m fairly certain he will. I’m getting the notion this character is Bryan Fuller’s analogue for one of Lecter’s best known victims from the novels: Benjamin Raspail, a patient and professional flutist Lecter killed because he was boring and his therapy was going nowhere.

I could have done with more of the supporting cast and co-stars. I can never get enough Will Graham, and I wanted more of Crawford’s rage at upon finally learning the fate of his trainee.

And what happened with that project the FBI and Freddie Lounds had brewing to make the Ripper expose himself? It was discussed last week, but nothing ever came of it.


In summation: If an hour of pure, unadulterated, Lectery goodness is what you’ve got a yen for, “Sorbet” will not disappoint.

IF, on the other hand, you were hoping for a bit more of a “balanced” meal, then Hannibal‘s latest recipe might be a bit rich for you.

Next week looks interesting – I’ll just say that much….

Same time next week, friends….stay hungry!

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