I was literally laughing out loud watching this clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live! in where Simon Pegg talks about this prank he pulled on the cast and crew of Star Trek Into Darkness involving a laser and the threat of neutrons and ions in the air. The real butt of the joke is Benedict Cumberbatch since he arrived on set later than most of the cast, who by then were all in it.

Cumberbatch must be the most gullible man on the planet. Seriously, I think you could trick him into signing a contract where be becomes your personal tea-serving, phone-answering, spanking slave.

Wait, stop. Cumberbitches, don’t start getting any ideas.

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  • I wish we would get a Spaced reunion special.

  • NateHale

    )n a movie set no one got ANY video of Cumberbatch reading that form? What a missed opportunity.


      there is one, i saw it, now i cant find it, damn it 😀

  • Irondouche

    Seriously though skin cancer is a massive problem.
    Wear your neutron cream kids.