Never let it be said that the comic book movie craze hasn’t hit a fever pitch.

Following their success with the Batman trilogy, DC and Warner Bros finally decided to grow a pair, reaching deep into their vault to find a character that was ripe for adaptation — unfortunately for fans of quality acting, though, they apparently decided to look toward the pool of athletic and personable giants that roam the hardwood in the National Basketball Association to cast their movie.

Because, I guess they ran out of wrestlers and really tall actors.

Anyway, the film is called Steel. Sound familiar? That’s right, John Henry Irons, aka Steel may be familiar to audiences, and not just from his sporadic appearances in various DC comic book titles. No, Steel was also previously and famously adapted in 1993.

So, why recycle a character all over again? Well, admittedly, Irons wasn’t exactly a big part of the BBC 5 Radio Play, Superman Lives! but Leon Herbert’s performance was solid… though not solid enough for the studio, which likely wanted a name to tease and tantalize audiences, just like they did when they cast Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze for Batman and Robin.

Unfortunately for the studio, though, there is only one Arnold, so they had to take a step down for Steel, casting the man they call Shaq, aka Shaquille O’Neal.

O’Neal is the 7’1″ former center for the Orlando Magic. Shaq isn’t a neophyte, though. In 1994, he played Neon in Blue Chips and he also starred in Kazaam, as Kazaam.

Other actors cast in Steel include Breakfast Club and Suddenly Susan star Judd Nelson and Ray-J, Brandy’s little brother who seems like he has a real future in front of the camera.

Right now, there is no word on when this will be on a screen and in front of your eyes, but make no mistake, for better or worse, this one will be memorable.

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UPDATE: Apparently, Steel was a 1997 film that made only $1.6 million dollars. Please enjoy this peace offering.



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