Abrams’ and Disney’s ‘Star Wars’ Master Plan

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When Disney lured J.J. Abrams to the dark side and offered him a chance to be the new blood that brought the flailing Star Wars franchise back to life, they put the reigns of the property firmly in his hands.  He and Disney are in the same boat when they’re thinking of the return to Star Wars as a chance to bombard the world with the series across many mediums.  As most know, they’re not just aiming at another three films, but looking toward television shows, spin-off movies and whatever else they can find to bare the Star Wars brand name.  And, as it turns out, Abrams may be the perfect man for the job, being as how this approach is more along the lines of what he wanted to do, but was unable to do, with the Star Trek world.

Apparently, Abrams had some far-reaching goals for Star Trek but the dual ownership of the property prevented him from going too far.  So even though there was a vision, Abrams was reigned in and unable to realize it.  With Star Wars, it’s all Disney in charge so Abrams can have the freedom he needs to expand the universe in every conceivable direction.  With the inspiration to create a massively overwhelming franchise already in his head, Abrams could get it done.

In essence, we may see Star Wars following in the footsteps of the Marvel properties, with three or four movies a year coming at us.  That’s in addition to television shows, theme parks and what-not.  And while this may be great for Abrams, giving him Feige-like status within the franchise, I have to wonder if we fans can really take that much Star Wars.

What do you folks think?  Do we want the world to be flooded with Star Wars, or will that much commitment to expanding the property just end up killing it?


Thanks to /film for the heads-up.

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