It’s that time, boys and girls. After four years and a starship-load of internet rumors, J.J. Abrams and company have finally rolled out their latest Star Trek flick, and if there’s anything we know about Star Trek, it’s that it’s a place for strong opinions. The flick rolled into IMAX theaters earlier this week, and into regular screenings at midnight last night. Now it’s everywhere, and we’re betting many of you are going to see it right damn now. So, in the spirit of good old-fashioned Trekkie verbosity, we made this space for you to praise or lambast Star Trek Into Darkness.

Note: It does say SPOILER ZONE right up there at the top of the page, which should be your clue that this is a place where many, many SPOILERS will be unloaded. We sorta didn’t want to warn you if you’re too dumb to figure that out, but we were feeling gracious and decided to drop a warning in here anyway. So yeah, lots of SPOILERS will be below, so if you haven’t seen the flick you might want to stop reading this right…NOW.

So, if you’re still here at this point, we’re guessing you’ve seen the flick by now. Wanna share what you think, good or bad, with your fellow NerdBastards? Hit up the comments below, and feel free to talk about any damn thing you want. Was Khan working for you? Did Cumberbatch fit right in? How awesome was Scotty? What about that crazy Dreadnought? Was the tribble too contrived? What about the Klingon redesign? And how about…well, you see where we’re going with this. It’s all fair game, so plant your thoughts in the comments below. And please, try not to spread your spoilery seed onto the comments on our Facebook page. We had that problem with Iron Man 3 even though we asked nicely. The point is to give you all this space to talk about the movie as much as you want, so please use it. Live long and prosper.

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