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It’s that time again folks, time for we at the great Nerd Bastards to enlighten you with a quick blast of all the super hero news that wasn’t spectacular enough to warrant its own write-up.  Yes, it’s Super Hero Round-Up time and this week we have for you some pretty posters, a new video and a little bit of info. on when you can own your own house-hold versions of some super hero media.  Read on after the jump for all the hot buttery goodness.

First and foremost, here’s a pretty picture!  It’s a new Man of Steel poster, this time with an extra dose of Russell Crowe (AKA Jor-El).

man of steel russell crowe

Next up, more shinies!  A couple of new, and very stylistic, posters for The Wolverine.  I dunno how good the film is going to be, but I’m loving the artwork they have for it so far.

wolverine poster 1

wolverine poster 2

And in case you’ve been wondering how things are going on the Captain America: The Winter Soldier set, here’s some video that should get your mouth watering.  Actually, it’s just a bunch of cops shooting at stuff and some other junk.  No Captain to be found, unfortunately.  Still, you should watch it anyways.

iron man 3

Fourth on our list, the release date of the Iron Man 3 VHS…. er, DVD… I mean Blu-Ray (yeah, that’s what the kids are using these days).  And that magic date is?  August 27th!  Unfortunately, we don’t know what kind of extra crap they’re going to throw on there (other than the already teased missing Chinese footage), but I’m sure they’ll be hitting us with that long before we see the actual Blu-Ray, so never fear.


Last, but not least, ff you’re an Avengers fan, you might have realized that Marvel and Disney have another cartoon coming out, Avengers Assemble.  The official Disney XD airing is on May 26th, but in order to get people hyped on the show, they’re currently letting everyone watch the first half of the hour-long premiere.  Head over to iTunes to check it out.

So ends your journey into the world of super hero leftovers.  Check back in a week for more of the same.  And always remember that we here at Nerd Bastards love you.  Love you in a manly fashion.


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