Amongst the announcements at Microsoft’s unveiling of the new X-Box One this afternoon (Nerd Bastards will have more about it throughout the afternoon and evening), was the somewhat unexpected announcement that there would be a new Halo project coming soon that would have nothing to do with the new console.

After years of trying to get a live-action movie going, most notably under producer Peter Jackson and director Neill Blomkamp, it seems that Microsoft is teaming up with no less than Steven Spielberg to turn Halo into a live-action TV series. Microsoft tweeted that Spielberg will also direct, but that likely means that Spielberg will direct the pilot before turning over those duties to others.

Why a TV series, and why now? Interesting questions. Right now, there’s no launch date for the series, and there’s no network or outlet announced to be air the eventual series. Microsoft reps have said though that they want this to look like a premium show a la Game of Thrones, which is a pretty big yard stick to measure themselves by, but at this point the series could end up on broadcast, cable, or online.

As to why, one of the reasons that the plug was pulled on the movie was because Microsoft wanted more creative control on the project. Producing a TV series probably gives them that.

Anyway, more news as it develops.

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