There are two new television clips for Brad Pitt‘s World War Z making the Internet rounds. We say “Brad Pitt’s” because this certainly isn’t Max Brooks’ vision, but let’s try to leave that argument aside and focus on what Pitt’s version does bring us, Zombie action.

What’s frustrating for this NerdBastard is that these clips have nothing substantially new for us, although there is a second or two of Pitt and family in some (Grocery?) store running from the Zombie wave as it hits New York.

Take a look.

TV Spot One

TV Spot Two:

Even with all the discussion on how this movie is nothing like Brooks’ masterpiece of Zombie fiction, even with all the talk about re-shoots, and script problems, I want to see this movie. I just love Zombie flicks, I always have, ever since, as a young child, my mother took me to see Dawn of the Dead in the theater.

World War Z hits theater screens on June 21st.

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