Yesterday, your collective worlds were rocked by a cinematic trailer ALMOST as awesome as Pac Rim’s: James Mangold’s The Wolverine – presented by your good friends here at NerdBastards.

Today, as you see, Hugh Jackman as Wolvie gets the cover of Entertainment Weekly, just as Henry Cavill’s Man Of Steel graced their Summer Preview Issue recently.

What’s to be said about this? Well, Jackman‘s been playing Wolverine for 13 years, and he still looks fantastic. We’re living in interesting times, aren’t we? Hollywood’s elite BEG for roles as characters that would barely have been considered popular enough for cartoons 20 years ago.

More than that, we’re past the point where A-List stars turn superheroes into household names….Now superhero portrayals are turning up and coming actors into major celebrities.

Brave New World – ain’t it, nerds?

Source: Cinemablend

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