At the time of this article Star Trek Into Darkness has earned over $91 million, just under the $93 million made in the first five-day of Star Trek‘s release. In the eyes of Paramount that’s an under par release. To fans this translates as no Star Trek 3, but to J.J. Abrams, that’s illogical.

Even with the director being brought under the wing of Lucasfilm and attaching himself to Star Wars: Episode VII, Abrams has said not to count out the likelihood of a future installment of Trek. A sentiment he continues to back up in a recent interview,

The idea of working with these people again would be a thrill and a privilege. One of the reasons I wanted to do the second one was so I had a chance to work with this cast and crew again…It really would depend if there’s a third movie that the studio wants to make. It would depend what the schedule was. Would I be open to it? Of course  I would.

Would they be open to it? Of course Paramount would, they’d be foolish not to set up something after production wraps on Episode VII. An opportunity to pair up Abrams, co-writer Damon Lindelof and the producer Bryan Burk once again shouldn’t be missed. And speaking of the duo, Lindelof and Burk recently sat down with Cinema Blend to discuss some of the finer points to the twists and turns of Into Darkness. Read on after the jump.

Warning: The following contains spoilers to Star Trek Into Darkness. Avoid this portion if you have yet to watch the movie.-

Over the course of Star Trek Into Darkness several specific details of the film were held under the utmost secrecy, but as we all know they were eventually leaked. There were, however, several twists that remained hidden right up to the film’s release.

One of the main challenges to Star Trek was setting this franchise apart from its predecessor and cementing everyone into the iconic roles. According to Lindelof, the challenge was writing for both fans and newcomers alike.

I think that the big challenge of doing these movies is how much you’re making them for audiences who haven’t been following Star Trek for the last four and a half decades or even maybe just the last decade and how much you make it for the hardcore fans. What we’ve all decided is that we make up a broad range of fandom ourselves, the five of us who are coming up with these stories, and if we can find the story idea that gets all five of us excited, that’s the one we’re going to go down…

What they went down with was the reintroduction of Khan Noonien Singh, the advanced super criminal played wonderfully by Benedict Cumberbatch and the twisting of two very famous scenes in Star Trek history. These scenes, in the eyes of the writers, were something that couldn’t be avoided and would “require more energy” to avoid. So they simply leaned into with Damon saying,

If we choose to lean into them, how can we have them come out in a new and surprising context that feels like we’ve earned it and it’s not just being different for different’s sake. That one was just like, for a guy who’s been sitting on his emotions for the entire movie and Kirk’s been prodding him and wondering why it is, he’s able to make this decision to not feel, for him to explode at a certain point, what’s the one word that should be coming out of his mouth when that happens, there didn’t seem like there was any other way to go.

The ending itself, culminating in the action sequence between Spock and Khan and his eventual capture, leads people to believe everything was set up for a Star Trek 3 should Paramount consider the option. Could it be true? In Burk’s mind it’s both yes and no,

I think we worked differently on different things, like Lost was a show where if you missed an episode, you were screwed, but by the same token as we move forward with Mission: Impossible or Star Trek or whatever it may be, there’s been twenty-something Bond movies and unless you are a diehard Bond fan, I would challenge that most people do not know the order of what came first and all the way through. Hopefully, if we do our job right, there’s a version of watching these Star Trek films in order, let alone, if we’re fortunate enough to make another one or if we keep going and there’s many of them, you’re able to jump in and experience them on their own.

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