While Kevin Feige may be the real man in charge of Marvel‘s cinematic and television future, it’s to Joss Whedon we’re all looking, wondering what’s coming next. Currently on the docket for Whedon is The Avengers‘ sequel and the TV series, Agents of SHIELD. And naturally, fans are assuming a crossover between the two is inevitable. Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg), who’s either been mysteriously resurrected or just as mysteriously never died, is appearing in SHIELD and was last seen in The Avengers. Is he the connection?

Barely, because there’s barely a connection between the two. Speaking with IGN after the ABC Upfronts last week about Agents of SHIELD, Whedon said,

They’re not The Avengers, they’re not the fancy ones. They’re the people that got sort of hit in the blowback of this super-world.

The show is about the six people who are in the show. And every week we’ll meet somebody that they have to deal with. Some of those people will be very sympathetic, some of them will be evil, some will be from the Marvel canon, some will reference it — but it’s not an Easter egg hunt. It really is just about the lives of these people as they’re dealing with this super-world.

So don’t expect Cap and Thor or Hulk to pop in from week to week. There will be references to these superheroes, these gods, but that’s the extent of it. SHIELD will focus very much on the team of Agents and that’s it. Though, he says there will be characters from Marvel canon appearing. Who do you think will show up on Agents of SHIELD?

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