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Above: Teenage Stormtrooper Ninja Turtles! Teenage Stormtrooper Ninja Turtles! Turtle with a lightsaber! Sure, it doesn’t make a lick of sense, but you know you already like it better than whatever the hell Michael Bay is planning to make. Photography  by cmbdphotography. [Geek Tyrant]


It’s a guinea pig in a Star Trek uniform. Why? Why the hell not!? Found on Etsy. [Blastr]


The perfect hands to cradle a Starfleet uniform-clad guinea pig? Why, these ones belonging to Jason Chiss of course. [Fashionably Geek]

In the November issue you report that the death of Spock was “brought about by Leonard Nimoy’s request.”

In your January issue you reiterated the same report and then you quoted “Star Trek II” executive producer Harve Bennett as saying “… Nimoy did not insist on killing the character as a prerequisite to his appearing in the second film.”

I was not contacted for a statement, but here it is: Harve Bennett was right, you were wrong …… twice.

Yours for more accurate journalism,

Leonard Nimoy

What you’re reading above is a letter Nimoy wrote to Starlog in 1982 about their inaccurate reporting of Spock’s death, specifically the reasons behind it. Ooooh, buuurrrnnn. [Blastr]


Coming exclusively to SDDC are these awesome Super Best Friends Forever! figures. The trio will be available for $49.95. Who’s going and what’s to grab me a set of these kick ass ladies? [Nerd Approved]


Discovered at the bottom of a British pond was this Dalek. How it got there is anybody’s guess, but I’d be worried about more Daleks secretly entombed around the country. Clearly, this a job for U.N.I.T., Torchwood, somebody! [Blastr]


Obviously, the best way to imitate the Man of Steel. Try this one at your next convention and see how long it takes for some angry nerd to push you down the escalator. [Fashionably Geek]


Speaking of Supes, he’s currently starring in a Hardee’s commercial for a Man of Steel tie-in. And honestly, this could have been terrible, but now all I want is a burger. [Geek Tyrant]

Lastly, watch this HALO music video and tell yourself, nothing Steven Spielberg makes will be this cool. [Kotaku]


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