Creator Dan Harmon May Return to ‘Community’

community-nbc-lead We’ve all seen what happens when a show’s creator gets axed from his/her own brainchild: Either the show falls apart almost instantly, or it continues on as a neutered, soulless husk of itself for a few seasons before being put out of its (and the audience’s) misery. Dan Harmon, the man behind Community: Nerddom’s favorite comedy series that’s still airing and not British, got his walking papers at the end of season 3….Yet the show managed to survive another season after that, and has been picked up for a fifth. And now it’s beginning to look like Sony Pictures Television (who own NBC) might want Harmon back for season 5. Here’s what The Hollywood Reporter had to say:

Harmon broke the news during his Harmontown podcast on Sunday, according to, which had a reporter present for the taping. According to the site, Harmon told the audience that he has been asked to return to Community – and later asked that his comment be edited out of the podcast, which has not yet been released online.

THR later contacted Sony, who confirmed that negotiations with Harmon are indeed under way, but there is, quote: “nothing official to report yet”. When Harmon was originally fired, he’d said that he wouldn’t be satisfied with a job on Community that wouldn’t allow him to make executive decisions….

So if he is indeed coming back, it’s likely he’ll be in charge once again.

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