As filming continues on X-Men: Days Of Future Past, Sir Patrick Stewart has been living in Brooklyn NY. Actually he’s been calling the place home since last summer. I know that doesn’t really seem much like news, but get this: He tweeted about his lunch today, it was pizza. It was his first slice of pizza ever.

Yes, the captain of the Enterprise – D (and – E,) who is 72 years old, waited until today (May 29) to try a slice of the most popular food in North America. You’d think after seven decades on this planet he would have stumbled into a slice or two, even if by accident.

Yes, I am aware he is British, but they do have pizza over there, right? Probably have some weird name for it though like meaty sauce flatbreads or cheese and banger pie.

You can check out a screen cap of this history making tweet after the jump.



Do you think Professor X has also never had a taco? man… when he does… that’s going to blow his mind…


Source: THR who are apparently in the middle of a slow news day.

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