First of all, concerned parents can relax.

Despite some knee-jerk alarmist reactions to the concept of a kids’ cartoon about a 12 year old boy who puts on a magic ring, shouts “You Go Girl!” (no, really), and transforms into a female superhero, there’s really nothing all that controversial here.

Kids are pretty savvy in 2013: Even those that don’t understand the concept of transsexuality will just think the idea of a dude turning into a chick to fight crime is funny….and that seems to be all She-Zow is going for here.

This is less a groundbreaking moment for LGBT acceptance, and more a desperate ploy for ratings and publicity for The Hub, which despite a certain amount of popularity thanks largely to My Little Pony: FIM and Transformers, is being crushed by competitors like Nickelodeon and Disney.

As far as warping children’s fragile little minds goes: She-Zow has been airing in Canada for a year, and civilization has yet to collapse there.

I think we’ll be fine.

Oh, here’s the trailer:

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