The funny folks at How It Should Have Ended have done the impossible. They’ve made Iron Man 3 watchable!  Damn if it’s the 5th most successful movie of all time, it was a shit show through and through. Plot holes, fire breathers, misuse of The Mandarin, the head turning ending; it all culminated in IM3 being a massive disappointment. I shake my head to this swan song of Tony Stark. Anyway…

HISHE makes several very funny points about Shane Black‘s Marvel blockbuster. They give us their humorous vision of how of how IM3 should have ended.

WARNING: If you haven’t seen the film (it’s been out for 5 weeks already, what’s wrong with you?), the video below contains massive spoilers.

This just covers everything I was thinking when I watched the film, except The Incredibles thing. The comparison is really changing my opinion on how unoriginal this movie might actually be.


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