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While Wizard World Philadelphia was filled with vendors selling the typical assortment of action figures, collectibles, and knick-knacks, I came across a few booths with some unique offerings like wire superheroes, lightsaber earings, and an astonishing number of perler bead creations that I just had to tell you about.

outer rim toys2

First off, Outer Rim Toys & Collectibles made their way from North Carolina to share their selection of awesome character inspired jewelry.  I bought a pair of lightsaber earrings and a pair of the Yoda earrings. They also have a toy section on their site that looks pretty interesting.

Check out their Facebook page.

twisted wire1

Next up is Twisted Wire. They’re actually based in Pennsylvania and they sculpt wire into several rad and familiar superheroes and other creations. These are a little pricier than the other options in this article, but these are also works of art and the quality is pretty substantial up-close.

Check out the artist’s webpage and his Etsy store.

perler pals

Perler Pixel Pals came all the way from Nevada to share their adorable nerd must haves. These creations are made out of perler beads and their site says that they can be used for everything from coasters, magnets, and ornaments. Fellow Nerd Bastard, Jason Tabrys, bought the above pictured Deadpool for $10, but he had to be held back from dropping all his con cash on a TARDIS, a Mario, the Ghostbusters’ emblem, and about a half dozen more.

Check out their Facebook page.

These three are surely just a few of the cool companies that made their way to Philly for Wizard World and they serve as a great reminder that some of the best, nerdiest things can be found by shopping and supporting indie booths during comic con season and on Etsy and other indie avenues. I mean, who wouldn’t love lightsaber earrings, a TARDIS made from perler beads, or a nifty wire sculpture of a Ninja Turtle?

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