Could the 12th Doctor be a Time Lady?


Sure, we’ve met a Time Lady before in the Fourth Doctor’s companion, Romana, but isn’t it about time for a Time Lady to run the show rather than run with it? The announcement of Matt Smith‘s moving on at the end of this year’s Christmas special has the Whovians in an uproar over who’ll be the next Doctor. Many are calling for a change in the lineage of white men who’ve played the Time Lord over the past 50 years. And as The Sun reports, Doctor Who‘s producers are thinking the the same thing.

They’ve been told by an “insider,”

All actors, no matter their sex or race, will be considered. If they are good enough, the part is theirs.

All right, coming from The Sun this is likely utter bullshit, but they’re not wrong in bringing it up. It’s been long discussed whether The Doctor can regenerate into any one, regardless of race or sex, and it’d be a fitting subject to explore as the series begins its next 50 years. What are you bastards thinking? Are you up for anyone to become the next Doctor?

Source: Digital Spy


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