Television – it’s often refered to as that place where actors of film go to die once their careers have come to an end.  And though the boob tube has made marked improvements over the years and there are actually shows capable of showcasing talent instead of just killing it, this is generally not the norm.  Take, for instance, third-tier action star Dolph Lundgren.  As of tonight, he will begin his long journey down the road of game show hosting with a project known as Race to the Scene.

This show takes teams of people desparate to have their faces on the air and pits them against each other as they try to recreate scenes from popular films.  Lundgren will be playing the part of the wacky, former action star host.  Sound intriguing?  Well, check out the trailer below if you want to see more.

Greatest action hero ever?  Really?  And what exactly is a Reelz?

Well, for better or for worse, Race to the Scene begins tonight.  So, if it looks like your kinda thing, find out where this Reelz is and go watch it.


Thanks to /film for the heads-up.

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