While product placement in movies is nothing new, Warner Bros. has taken it to new highs with the forthcoming Superman reboot. While Man of Steel is still a week away the movie has already grossed $170 Million thanks to a staggering 98 promotional partners not to mention the free advertising that comes with it.

Yes, I know, this is ultra exciting and not using italics to denote sarcasm at all. Let’s pause for a moment and enjoy the Nokia sponsored Man of Steel TV spot airing now. “Nokia, because your iPhone can’t stop a bullet.

Of course in that 98 there are the obvious promotional partners like toy lines from Mattel, Lego, and Fisher Price. Also there is the wonderfully successful celebrity YouTube How Does He Shave (the ‘he’ in question being Superman) campaign by razor blade manufacture Gillette and the requisite fast food tie in from Carl’s Jr. (“Carls Jr., our Super Bacon Cheeseburger is the kryptonite to your cholesterol results“.) Toss in not one but two concept cars from Chrysler, shoes from Converse, Twizzlers, personalized MoS videos on Facebook, hell even the U.S. Army National Guard has enlisted with a Soldier of Steel promotion. Sadly absent: Fruit of the Loom red underwear.

If this seems like a lot, it’s because it is. For reference, The Dark Knight Rises topped out at $150 million in third-party promos and Marvels The Avengers reported an estimated $100 million in marketing support with some reports stating much higher.

So what does this mean for us, the average movie going public? Not a whole heck of a lot, unless you solely base what cell phone carrier you use on Tony Stark’s opinion (so, Verizon.)

There was one name on the list that had me a little confused. Not for who it was, but for what was said. Promotional partner and international retailer Sears apparently plays a dramatic part in the film. Pa Kent (Kevin Costner) uses Kenmore and Craftsmen tools and works at a Sears which I personally can’t wait for, I hope it involves pulse pounding price check action.

Crap, I hope I didn’t just spoil the movie for you.

As a small note to cap off all this talk of movie money, early projections point to Zack Snyder’s $225 million blockbuster earning at least $100 mil its opening weekend (with Warner Bros. cautiously optimistic for $300 Mil total domestic cume) and, according to Fandango early ticket sales, Man of Steel is currently outpacing Iron Man 3 which opened to $174.1 million in North America.

I guess in one weeks time we’ll see if the Last Son of Krypton has what it takes to climb back to the top of the superhero movie pile, but at the very least we now know which socket wrench set was his dads.

Source: Hollywood Reporter, Newsarama and, Variety 

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