Another day, another collection of photos snapped on set for X-Men: Days of Future Past. These ones, surprisingly, were’t shared by director Bryan Singer, and maybe because this is the kind of shooting he’d like to keep under wraps. The gallery below gathers photos featuring a fight scene between Nicholas Hoult, in full-on Beast mode, and Michael Fassbender‘s Magneto. Clearly, there’s still some bad blood between the two. Possibly due to Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) – she makes a brief appearance here – dumping potential-boyfriend Beast for a chance at something with Magneto? It would sure add a personal beef to their fisticuffs.

Anyone else feel like their watching the behind-the-scenes of X-Men Gone Wild? I mean, you got Fassbender, all soaking wet… and… umm… what were talking about? Oh yeah, right, what do you think of Hoult’s Beast? An improvement over what we saw in First Class?

For those interested, you can find more photos from this water fountain filming at

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