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The Quicksilver wars are on, with both Avengers 2 and the new X-Men: Days of Future Past films bringing their own versions to the big screen.  The X-Men incarnation has already been decided in the form of actor Evan Peters.  Now, it looks like there’s a frontrunner for Avengers 2 as well – Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

You may know the guy from his role as Kick-Ass in the movie… well, Kick-Ass.  Sources are saying that he’s the man that Marvel wants.  If he gets the role, that will make two Kick-Ass alumni playing the same character in two different incarnations in two different movies by two different studios and… the fabric of time may just implode.  Either that or some lawyers are going to get very, very rich in the coming year.

Oh, still no word on the Scarlet Witch casting.  Sorry, but we’ll let you know about that one when we hear something.

Mark your calendar for Avengers 2May 1st of 2015.


Thanks to ComingSoon for the heads-up.

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