Man of Steel‘s leading man, Henry Cavill, is making the late night talk show publicity rounds for next weeks opening of director Zack Snyder‘s summer blockbuster. He sat down with Jay Leno last night and discussed a number of topics about his career and the obligatory movie clip was shown. If you don’t want to sit through the late night banter of Leno then you can skip to the second video at the 3:15 mark to skip to the clip.

You can add “Messing with Superman’s Mother” to the list of things one shouldn’t do to Superman. The clip also throws in a little bit of a spoiler on how Kryptonians see and hear on our world. Superman’s time spent growing up on our planet is a distinct advantage in this regard. General Zod finds out in the clip below.

Man of Steel opens next week on June 14th.

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