Will One of These 3 Be the New Doctor Soon?


So… take this next one with a big helping of skepticism.  It seems, if the rumors are true, that the new Doctor will be announced by the BBC sometime soon.  They will, in fact, be telling us who to expect to see in the T.A.R.D.I.S. within the next two days.  Along with this rumor of the imminent arrival of the 12th comes a short-list of folks who may be top of the heap in securing the role.  Again, it’s all hearsay at this point, but check out the list below (after the jump) and see what you think.


Domhnall Gleeson

Probably best known to geeks as that guy who played in the Harry Potter movies as Ron Weasley’s older brother, Bill.  He also happens to be a ginger, so if former Doctors have anything to say about it, he’s already got the damn role.




Daniel Kaluuya

His face doesn’t ring much of a bell with me, but apparently he’s been on the Doctor Who set once before.  It would be nice if the BBC would slow down its torrent of white dudes, though I’d certainly want to see this guy in action before he got my vote.

daniel kaluuya



Dominic Cooper

You may remember Mr. Cooper as the dude who was Tony Stark’s daddy, Howard Stark, during a brief bit of Captain America.  Other than that, I got nothing.  He doesn’t look the part to me though.

dominic cooper

So let the great debate begin!  And continue, as we most likely find out in a few days that this was all BS and that the actual casting for the Doctor won’t even be done for another couple of months.  Oh well, we can always hope, right?


Thanks to blastr for the heads-up.

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