Did Star Wars Episode VII Plot Details Leak Out?

Meesa scared you!

Meesa scared you!

For months, the conversation about Star Wars Episode VII has mostly been dominated by talk about the prospective teams that would craft the next chapter in the epic saga while story details and casting picks were forced to live on the fringes of wild speculation, but now, that MAY be changing…  and please make note of the word “may”.

According to /Film, by way of Latino-Review, something called Schmoes Know is citing a “reliable” but anonymous source that says that they saw a copy of a casting notice and plot breakdown that Episode VII director J.J. Abrams and Bad Robot put out.

Hypothetical Spoiler Alert!

So, what’s Michael Arndt’s Star Wars VII script about? Well, according to this alleged notice, the main story will involve an elder Luke Skywalker training Han and Leia’s 17 year old son Jacen and their 17 year old daughter Jaina in the ways of the force until one of the twins (Jacen) breaks off toward the dark side.

/Film notes that such a story would seem to borrow a bit from some of the expanded universe novels despite JJ Abrams refusing to comment on whether his team would mine those epic fields for inspiration.

I’ve never read any of the novels, so I can’t speak to that (though, with the amount of novels that are out there, I imagine it would be a great challenge to find something that wasn’t reminiscent of one of those stories), but if this story is true (and there is a chance that it is not), it kinda saddens me.

I know Luke Skywalker has to be at the forefront, but making Han the father of a rebellious teen? How do we extract a right amount of badass from that? Make no mistake, I am looking forward to seeing this movie, but I primarily just want a little more time with Han Solo and I need a little bit of that Solo swagger to make watching a 70 year old in a vest tolerable. That was the deal with Crystal Skull and it’s the same deal here, so I’m hoping that Harrison Ford’s role asks him to do more than watch Luke train his kids and wax nostalgically about that night he and Lando shared in Zeltros, and I’ve got some fanfic to write.

“Their love was trapped in carbonite; still alive, but cordoned off from the sun and the splendor of existence… much like them in the absence of one another’s touch… much… like… them.

‘I love you’ one said to the other while standing near but also far far away. He knew, oh, he always knew.”

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