Last night while we laughed at Microsoft’s misfortune after Sony’s game-changing – and by game-changing I mean continuing to allow used games – E3 presentation, there was the announcement a sequel to Warner Bros.Man of Steel has already been greenlit. Clearly, someone is confident in there as of yet unreleasd Superman flick. It’s not entirely surprising as the buzz around the film is at a fever pitch with almost every early review full of praise, so rather than striking while the iron is hot why not strike while it’s just heating up? That way, you’ve got a jump start on your hot iron, or something, right? I’m bad at metaphors.

Anyway, the sequel will repeat the first’s formula with Zack Snyder returning to direct and David S. Goyer tapped to write the script. Interestingly, Goyer’s deal is for three pictures: Man of Steel, Man of Steel 2, and a Justice League movie with Superman. Christopher Nolan‘s role as producer, while not finalized, is reported to not be as “full blown” as it was for Man of Steel, where he creatively oversaw the project and helped form this new Superman franchise.

Seeing as a sequel is already on its way, are you more or less excited to see Man of Steel when it released this Friday, June 14th? With Zod as the big bad in Man of Steel, who’d you like to see Supes tackle in Man of Steel 2? Luther? Doomsday? Metallo? Darkseid? A team up of villains? And, do you think this sequel will open the door for the long awaited Justice League movie?

Source: Deadline via Screen Rant

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