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ABOVE: Coulson LIVES…. on a ladies backside, as well as Marvel’s other heroes in this Avenger/Pinkfloyd mash-up poster.  [ObviousWinner]


Harley Quinn Apron. Wear it while you’re making pudding for your puddin’. [GeeksAreSexy]


You can own this “Like a Sir!” Admiral Ackbar statue (WTF?) if you attend this years San Diego Comic Con, or if you pay a galactic bounty for it on Ebay. This SDDC exclusive in limited to 500 pieces. [NerdApproved]


Wanna sleep with Batman? Of course you do! I’m a dude, and even I wanna sleep with Batman. Well, thanks to some body pillows from StoryEnvy, we both can! Oh, and it doesn’t stop at ole’ Bats either. There are body pillow covers for Bruce Banner, Deadpool, Biblo, Loki, Doctor Who, Superman and MOAR! [BuzzFeed]


Join the rebel alliance, we have… light saber knitting? [Instructables]


Eve Beauregard as Scooby Doo’s Velma. I always thought Velma was an unappreciated eye popping beauty, and Eve vindicates this thought with her awesome cosplay. Jinkies, I’ll be in my mystery machine.  CBM]

Very little do I use the word “EPIC” to sell how good something is, but my goodness, this Game of Thrones rap battle is fucking EPIC! Seven hells, this is an amazing piece of music.  [Dorkly]

Star Wars’ Princess Leia talks about some serious “daddy issues” and problems with Father’s Day during her therapy session [Liz Katz]

I’ve never heard of Heroes Con (well now I have), but it happened, and there were cosplayers. Lots of em’ too! Here’s a video courtesy of Distractotron

And now, T-Shirts You Gotta Buy…TODAY! (Before they’re gone.)




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