With it’s release date more than a month away, a new international trailer dropped for the James Mangold directed The Wolverine staring the Hugh Jackman. With Logan’s last solo cinematic outing  a complete time wasting crap-fest unfit for human viewing, by the looks of it fans will be less disappointed when this one hits theaters on the 26th of July.

Hell this trailer makes the movie actually look like it might be pretty fun.

A healthy dose of new footage, including a lot of Viper (Svetlana Khodchenkova,) some great action (Silver Samurai!) and a rather thorough outline of the film’s plot  packed into two and a half minutes does not erase the handling of Deadpool in Origins, but I am willing to forgive the use of a Black-Eyed Pea in the other movie now.

So, progress.

Here’s the clip: 

*Yes, I am aware that was a high number of ninja, I said it needed more ninja. You can never have enough ninja.

Via: /Film

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