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Above: Taking the best of what Marvel and DC have to offer artist Eric Guzman has combined several heroes and villains into one cool mash-up. And everything fits so well together too! [The Mary Sue]

Hit the jump for Green Arrow and Black Canary, Daleks in the rain and more.


The classic Hollywood movies of days gone by feature some of the most memorable moments in movie history, Tone Cartoons takes those and replaces everyone with extermination obsessed Daleks, like you do. [GeekTyrant]


Here’s Grand Theft Mario  by Amirul Hafiz. Updating Nintendo‘s memorable characters for the M-rated crowd. Ever see a guy steal a go-kart while wearing a Tanooki suit? Me neither. [Neatorama]


E.T. doesn’t look so good, maybe it has something to do with artist Jeff Victor turning the Reese’s Pieces loving alien into a brain eating zombie! Just thing of how different Steven Spielberg‘s movie would have been with Elliott trying to lure his alien friend out, only to the first in a line of Zombie chow. Off to the gritty reboot machine! [Geek Tyrant]


What the world needs is a Green Arrow and Black Canary cartoon and I know just the person to pitch it. Brittney L. Williams makes the DC power couple small screen ready. [Comics Alliance]


Never thought we’d be posting a piece of Hannibal fan art on here, but how could we not post kanapy-art‘s cool piece of bloody work. [Deviant Art]


Bring the super heroine down to Earth artist TorqueArtStudio made the first in what we all hope is a line of heroes in pin-up girl poses. Sure, Supergirl here can bend steel rods or lift a tanker above head, but she puts her boots on one at a time just like very other gal. And you’ve gotta love the inclusion of everyone’s favourite supercat Streaky. [Neatorama]


Already on display at the Bottleneck Gallery in Brooklyn, New York Alice X. Zhang gallery moments is hosting a collection of her favourite moments in modern movies, like the insanely cool battle between Gandalf and the Balrog. Other works feature scenes from Lost in Translation, Gladiator and The Dark Knight making the collection a must see. [CromeYellow]


If there was any series based on the kid versions of Marvel comic book characters people would want its “Lil Deadpool n’ Hulk” by Marco D’alfonso, might as well just take my money now. Geeks Are Sexy]

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