We have arrived at that special moment, kids. It’s Man of Steel Release Day, which also means it’s The Whole Internet Argues About Whether or Not Man of Steel is Good Day. So, in the spirit of promoting arguments as part of our secret plot to make all of you hate each other, we’ve created this space where our readers can discuss any and every aspect of Man of Steel that they’d like. So if you haven’t seen the flick, turn back now, because this is the Nerd Bastards Man of Steel SPOILER ZONE (imagine Michael Shannon screaming that).

NOTE: You may not have been paying attention in the intro, but you have now entered the SPOILER ZONE. We will be talking about every damn bit of this movie here, so if you haven’t seen it and you don’t want to be spoiled, go away and then come back when you leave the theater. In the meantime, read some Superman comics. Make a sandwich. We don’t care, just leave, because we were nice enough to warn you twice.

So, for the rest of you who have seen the flick by now, how ’bout it? Which changes to the origin story pissed you off? Was Zod sufficiently Zod-like? How about all that action? Did the film capture the spirit of Superman in a way that at least somewhat pleased you? Complaints, praise, questions, vague comments, jokes about Cavill’s crotch, whatever you want. It’s all fair game here. So hit up the comments section and tell us what you thought of the flick.

ANOTHER NOTE: Please don’t go running to our Facebook page to spoil the whole movie for everyone with what you thought. That’s why we made this place. Thanks.


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