Every year it gets harder and harder to find that perfect Fathers Day gift. Mini Vader pictured above captures that frustrating feeling, surrounded by all kinds of wonderful things and you just can’t make up your mind. We’ve decided to help nudge you in the right direction.

What we’ve done is gather some items that can also be given to the father that isn’t a nerd, things that can stretch across that border while being useful and nerdy at the same time. Perhaps these could even help you bring your father to the Nerdy side. After all, the Nerd Side does have the coolest stuff.


T-Shirts can be a great gift. What’s your father’s favorite movie or character, doesn’t have to be nerdy. A cool T-Shirt with a subject matter your father is interested in will always be a hit. Maybe even something that ties into Father’s Day like this I am your father T-Shirt.



Dad’s always got some stuff in the garage that he’s running low on. That everyday kinda stuff that he uses around the house. A bucket full of Avengers Duck Tape or other garage type-use around the house products could come in handy for Dad.

86413If Dad’s not retired yet then he probably has a work security badge he’s got to wear everyday. Why not get him a nice lanyard with something he likes on it. Something to let him show his nerdy side or interests at work. This Super hero Lanyard ID Holder fits fits the bill. Check Etsy and you can find something for everyone.


This is one that I think is pretty cool. Get Dad a new Cell phone case or Ipad / tablet case. There are tons out there for every subject and interest. Just match one up with your Dad’s personality.

GOT-Shot-GlassesA set of drinking glasses for Dad’s bar or just to use around the house. This Game of Thrones drinking glass set is a great example of what kinds of sets are out there.


If your Dad is anything like mine, then he really just wants to spend time with his kids. What better way to spend an evening or afternoon than playing some Board Games? If your Dad is not a gamer type then start out with one of the Dice Games like Zombie Dice. I brought a set one night we went out to dinner and we had a ball playing until the meal arrived.


There’s always the DVD set. Maybe it’s your Dad’s favorite action star or maybe you can make the commitment to watch a series with him. Something you like and think your Dad would like as well.


If Dad is a sportsman, just get him something that goes with his hobby. Maybe Golf Head Covers of Superheroes or fishing equipment with a nerdy bent.


Maybe Dad isn’t into all the nerdy stuff you like, but you can bridge that gap by buying him tools that serve dual purpose. During the day it’s a useful tool Dad can use around the house, but throw in a Zombie Apocalypse and now he has the tools he needs to survive.


OK, buying your Dad underwear is not really the first thing that pops into your head when you start thinking of what to buy him, but think about what he will actually use or wear. Super Hero Underwear is a great way to let him have his nerdy side while not throwing it into everyone’s face every day. Besides, maybe Mom deserves a little hero every now and then.


The last item is sometimes the hardest to do in this rat race of a world we live in, spend some time with your Dad. Spend it talking about what he likes and introduce him to the things you like. You might be surprised what you learn about him and yourself.

What do you think? If you have an idea that you think should be on the list, put it in the comments section below.

What ever you end up getting your Dad, just make sure that besides the gift you give him your time, your affection, and your attention. He deserves it.

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