It’s already a well-known fact that a new Terminator film is in the works and that our favorite, loveable geriatric, Arnold Schwarzenegger will be rejoining the franchise.  What’s more, if the next installment takes off, there are plans to do two more.  Of course, there’s a small problem with that, in that the rights to Terminator will be going back to James Cameron come 2019.

So why is this a problem?  Well, if Cameron, for whatever reason, decides that he doesn’t want anymore films made, or (perhaps even worse) that he wants to make one himself, those plans for a trilogy are in the shit-can.  We may see two, but there’s almost no chance of them having enough time for three movies.  There’s also the chance that he just lets them use the rights and finish what they started, which is probably more likely.

After all, Cameron is going to be spending the rest of his years working on Avatar films.  At least until his bank account explodes from having too much money in it and he drowns in the flood of dollar bills.

Still, if the new team doesn’t do their job right, Cameron may end up keeping the rights in a box in order to keep them from making any more.  And, of course, Arnie needs to stay alive long enough to do them all…


Thanks to /film for the heads-up.

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